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Capoeira is a unique sport that combines fight moves, dance, acrobatics, with live music and Afro-Brazilian culture. Unlike many other martial arts, where the goal is to subdue an opponent, in Capoeira there are no winners or losers. Performed by two people, it is called a “game” that is played, not fought.

Global Phenomenon

In the last few years, Capoeira has taken the world by storm. All over the world it is an art form in demand, a most sought-after means of creative self-expression. Our group Cordao De Ouro has presence in 85 countries and has completed 50 years internationally.

In India

CDO in India was founded by Reza Baba Massah, who trained at CDO Israel and is a certified Capoeira instructor. From 4 students in 2006, the Capoeira way of life today impacts more than a thousand lives.

Capoeira is not what I do, it is who I am.

Stay Safe. Stay Fit.

Capoeira is a non-violent, non-combative, form of self defence. Learn to defend yourself in any situation.

Capoeira combines cardiovascular and strength training - it burns fat and builds muscle, flexibility, and endurance.

Capoeira increases a child’s physical strength, power and flexibility, gives them courage and self-confidence, and teaches them to concentrate and think creatively.

Not just Capoeira.

Capoeira Cordao de Ouro, India is recognized by the Embassy of Brazil as a Culture Centre in India.

Learn music, samba, afro-dance, maculele, percussion, acrobatics, history and the philosophy of the sport. Immerse yourself in a new culture.

Join the revolution.

The best way to experience capoeira is to play capoiera.

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School Programs

Learning systems within the school curriculum with the aim of creating meaningful and rewarding learning experiences that will remain with the children all through their lives.

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The annual Capoeira graduation, called Batizado (or “baptism”), is a week-long festival, celebration and testing that also enables visiting international Mestres (masters) and students to connect.

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Summer Workshop

May 1 2017 to May 5 2017 in Mumbai.
5 days of non-stop fun, energy, excitement, movement, learning. With international teachers, Instrutora Chiquita and Monitor Coruja, from Israel.

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Capoeira Cordao de Ouro
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Arman Verma

Thanks to Capoeira, I could do all my moves in Ra One.


I've spent all morning trying to make a berimbau for my kids. Just thought you should know the impact of capoeira on my household.

Karina Varma

My 5 year old was bitten by the capoeira bug a year ago when Baba conducted a workshop at her school. She adores Capitao - her teacher and wants to be a capoeirista just like him when she grows up.

Amole Gupte

The children are devoted to Baba. My son never misses a session and there is no doubt why - it's definitely the joy of learning from their teacher.

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