This is Rhea Ramodiya, more popularly known as Salomé. Named after a famous capoeira mestre, Salomé has been playing capoeira for over 6 years. In another avatar, Salomé was a dancer and you can see that grace and rhythm in the way she moves in the roda.

She has many interests, all stemming from her love for globetrotting and world-wandering. Among her interests are brewing her own beer, farming, bushwalking, pottery, surfing, diving and... and... and... that perennial adventure, COOKING. She doesn't believe in mottos but wants to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle and wants to encourage people to do the same. She feels capoeira has so much to offer and she wishes she could find it sooner. In a small way, to be able to share the knowledge of capoeira with the next generation is why she teaches kids.

In the bateria, you will always find her opting to play the atabaque, her favourite capoeira instrument. Some of the songs she loves playing on the atabaque (and otherwise) are Para Moço, Dono da Casa and Samba Samba o le le.

She is still on her exploration phase in capoeira but loves the ability capoeira has given her to understand what her body can do. And she really, really loves capoeira music.