From the favelas of Brazil to the rest of the world, capoeira offers children an outlet for all their creativity and energy like no other.

It is a well known fact that increase in brain activity occurs during exercise, especially in areas of the brain dealing with thinking and memory. Moving the body demands a lot from the brain – coordinating muscle contractions, vision, balance, organ function and all of the complex interactions of bodily systems. Capoeira is one of the best forms of fitness as it not only includes body locomotion but needs strategic use of the mind to make use of these movements in the form of dance. An integral part of capoeira is its music which research has proved improves analytical thinking and memory.

A typical capoeira workshop incorporates free movement based exercises done with individuals, couples and groups helping in strength, flexibility, reflexes and co ordination. Teaching in the form of games makes it fun and challenging. Capoeira is the only martial art in the world that is non violent, non aggressive and non competitive and at the same time teaches self defence in the most unique way.

Capoeira is a fantastic opportunity for children of all ages to be introduced to Brazilian culture and learn this unique blend of martial arts, gymnastics, dance, song and music. It is a well-rounded fitness program with proven health benefits. Plus they learn a new language and to play many instruments.

The principle of our classes is based on Capoeira moves, pedagogy, army training and inspirations from other martial arts. It is a curriculum set by Professor Baba and his teachers, Mestre Edan from Cordão de Ouro Israel and Mestre Cueca from Cordão de Ouro Russia, who are affiliated with The Wingate University that specializes in training Olympic athletes. We work on the concept of multilateral training based on general movement therapy with focus on flexibility, speed, endurance and perfect capoeira technique.

Children simply love the energy and fun of our structured workouts. Parents all across the globe acknowledge the positive impact capoeira has on their children – increased self-confidence, mental sharpness and physical fitness levels.

Capoeira, very simply, helps a child navigate the complexities of human interaction, the importance of being ready for anything, the value of cleverness and the strength of indirect resistance.