Instrutor Cabeça

Born as Parikshit Sadh, Instructor Cabeça is one of Professor Baba's oldest students and the first to receive the Instructor cord in the group. When he's not playing capoeira, he's a businessman, a voice-over artist and a stand up comedian. His love for the stage is what made him fall in love with capoeira first because capoeira gave him a stage to express himself.

His capoeira idols are Mestre Papa-Leguas, Mestre Cueca and Mestre Ferradura. His motto in life is "If you've given it your best, you’ve already won."

Instrutor Cabeça has been training under Professor Baba since 2006 and is a walking-talking encylopedia of capoeira history, philosophy and music. His favourite capoeira songs are Maranhão by Mestre Cabello, Lamento by Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Suassuna and O Mar Me Chama Pra Joga by Mestre Bigodinho. He has completed The Practical Instructors Course Level 1 & 2 under Mestre Cueca ( Miami) and Prof. Baba and is also certified in the BDA method of teaching capoeira by Mestre Ferradura ( Brasil)

What does he think about capoeira? "Capoeira for me is euphoria! When I am in capoeira class, everything in the world is perfect, everything is whole, everything is the way it should be! Capoeira is a feeling more than anything else. The one hour or so that you're in capoeira class, nothing else exists outside that room! He feels capoeira is great movement therapy and can enhance the way you feel and think. He loves teaching capoeira for that very reason. The smiles, the happiness and friendship created in a capoeira class is what makes it all worth it for him.