There are hundreds of physical activities for people to choose from, so why should you choose capoeira over others?

Capoeira is at once a widely communal and a deeply individual experience. Once you become a capoeirista, you form an instant bond with thousands of people across the globe who share your passion. At the same time, you gain the ability to do things that you could never dream of doing and in doing so you will discover your own unique self.

Capoeira is one of the best forms of fitness as it not only includes body movements but needs strategic use of the mind to make use of these movements in the form of dance. An integral part of capoeira is it's music which research has proved improves analytical thinking and memory. A capoeira class incorporates free movement based exercises done with individuals, couples and groups helping in strength, flexibility and co ordination. Teaching in the form of games makes it fun and challenging.

Capoeira - being a non-combat, non-violent sport - allows you to express your feelings through movement without the use of words or aggression. It teaches you to defend yourself and helps you stay fit while doing it!