Mestre Cueca

Mestre Cueca started on his capoeira journey in the first year of high school. Mestre Edan was giving a workshop to the dance department and he used to watch and when he opened a group in Mestre Cueca's city, he decided to give it a try. It was love at first sight.

Mestre Cueca didn't start off with the specific goal of spreading capoeira. It just happened naturally. His passion and dedication for capoeira always led him to look out for more opportunities to play capoeira.

He was invited to Russia about 10 years ago and met a few teachers that were equally passionate about capoeira. Eventually, they invited him to move to Russia and after some thought, Mestre Cueca accepted the invite as a means of challenging himself.

Mestre Cueca was also the first to trust in Professor Baba when he wanted to take capoeira to India. He mentored Baba through these years, guiding him on how to spread this art form. He also conceptualised and worked on organizing Capoeira Asia in India, an international capoeira event that put India on the Capoeira map. Mestre Cueca also training and certified all capoeira instructors in India through his 'Specialized Instructor Course'.

Now almost a local Mumbaikar known and loved by all capoeiristas in India, Mestre Cueca has visited India every year since 2005, sharing his knowledge and vast experience with students and teachers of Centre For Capoeira, India.

Between India, Russia, Israel, USA, and Canada, Mestre Cueca is responsible for grooming and mentoring at least 100 capoeira teachers. Among his greatest achievements, he counts the recognition he receives from his teachers.

His life's goal now is to help one million people to live a better life through capoeira.

He lives by the words "Tudo vale a pena, se a alma nao e pequena" which roughly translates into "Every effort is worth it as long as the soul is not small."

His idea of happiness is that moment when you do an au into the roda and time slows down and all the noise disappears and the only thing that is important is 'Now'.