Centre For Capoeira India

Centre For Capoeira India is India's first academy for teaching capoeira, the Brazilian martial art.

Started by Professor Baba in 2005, The Centre For Capoeira India provides a unique age and gender-agnostic community-based fitness, arts and skills program in a non-competitive format, that is a holistic and inclusive combination of martial art, movement, acrobatics, dance, music, language and performance art and allows individuals to absorb capoeira skills like (fitness, self-defense, confidence, focus, body rhythm, collaboration, creative thinking) in everyday life, resulting in well-rounded, balanced, fit, strong, happy global citizens.

We run our academy at Khar and have centres at selected locations in Mumbai, teaching capoeira to kids and adults. Apart from this, Centre For Capoeira India also runs in-school capoeira programs, as part of the school curriculum, in several international schools across Mumbai, uniquely integrating our program with IGCSE, ICSC and Waldorf curriculums.

For any inquiries about any of our programs, please contact Aparna Massah on aparna@capoeiraindia.in or +918652726738.

Meet our teachers

Capoeira India Teacher Professor Baba
Professor Baba
Reza Massah
Capoeira Teacher Instrutor Cabeca
Instrutor Cabeça
Parikshit Sadh
Capoeira India Teacher Monitor Choco
Monitor Choco
Moshe Massah
Monitora Pimenta
Karen D'Costa
Capoeira India Teacher Minitor Carneiro
Monitor Carneiro
Noel Almeida