The annual Capoeira graduation, called Batizado (or "baptism"), is a week-long festival, celebration and testing that also enables visiting international Mestres (masters) and students to connect. Full of energy and emotions, this annual event allows students to come in contact with the many cultural aspects of Capoeira.

This ceremony marks the evolution of a capoeirista via their passage through the various cord (belt) colours. When a student is first baptized in Capoeira, they normally receive an apelido (nickname) based on a personal characteristic. This name is specially chosen by the Mestre in order to reflect the student's reality in the world of Capoeira. This is an old custom which is still in use today. Students who have already received their first belts move to higher belts during the batizado. This is called Troca de Cordão (change of belts).

Batizados are an occasion for all capoeiristas to demonstrate their skills and learning and also learn from teachers from all over the world who are invited to hand over cordãos to graduating students. The main batizado function is usually an hour-long event, comprising performances from all students. These performances span all aspects of capoeira, including moves, acrobatics, sequences, dances and music.