While children love the energy and fun of our structured workouts, Capoeira is also a fitness program with proven health benefits. Our young capoeiristas develop a stronger immune system, stronger bone and muscle structure, are less prone to colds, allergies and diseases. Children are less likely to become overweight. They are energetic, even after a long school day and sleep better at night; their brains function better, and they show increased powers of concentration. Capoeira decreases anxiety, reduces depression, improves mood and outlook.

Acrobatics develop core strength and improve posture and flexibility. Skills like coordination, reflex, agility automatically set in as the child advances through Capoeira. For example, while playing sports, children who practice Capoeira are better equipped to avoid injuries due to enhanced reflexes when they fall.

Playing Capoeira regularly helps children deal with social issues and encourages them to respect friends and opponents alike. They learn discipline and develop leadership skills. They learn to think creatively, plan and strategize when participating in the Roda. Capoeira fosters camaraderie and cooperation; all the children get an opportunity to demonstrate their individual skills in a skill-focused, rather than competitive, environment. Most importantly, Capoeira develops a child's self-esteem and confidence. Their ability to overcome difficult situations improves and they simply enjoy a better, sunnier outlook on life and develop a resilient character.