Obesity in childhood is increasingly becoming a serious problem. There are many reasons for this but a large part is down to the fact that kids are leading more sedentary lives. Their TVs, their smartphones, their gaming devices, their media devices… all are contributing to this problem.

Experts say young children should not be inactive for long periods of time when not sleeping. Even for school-age children, the longest period of wakeful inactive should not exceed more than 2 hours. Movement is essential for children. Not just for physical growth but also health, fitness, flexibility, mental and emotional well-being and for making health a vital ingredient of their adult lives too.

And kids do benefit from regular exercise. Active kids have stronger muscles and bones, leaner bodies, are less likely to become overweight. Being physically active also reduces the risk of developing diabetes, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels and helps children gain a better, healthier outlook on life

But you can’t make kids “exercise”. You can’t take them to the gym and make them rack weights. You can’t make them play competitive sport and expect the same emotional feedback as they would get from play. For kids, exercise means playing and being physically active. And it is this element of play that helps them enjoy capoeira the most.

Capoeira for children works on children’s endurance, flexibility, strength, and does this in a completely playful manner using a lot of games. You will never see a single capoeira class where a child is sitting. They are always moving, singing, playing, laughing. And making friends. And developing soul.

Come, see a class in action near you for proof. Better yet, sign your kids up for one. And sign up for class yourselves. Move. This is what humans are made for.