5 Capoeira Songs Every Beginner Should Learn

So you are just starting out in capoeira and are finding it difficult to sing along? Yeah, happens to all of us. Which is why we are bringing you 5 songs you can pick up easily and learn at home and sing in class and begin to belong.


Pronounced aa-ae-ee-oh-oo, this is one of the easiest capoeira songs to pick up. Plus, it has one heckuva catchy beat. And chances are, as a beginner, you will sing this one more often than not in the roda.

Quem Vem Lá, Sou Eu

Everybody’s first favourite capoeira song, this is an exhoration, an imploration, a call of the soul impossible to resist. We have found Grande Mestre Suassuna himself singing here for you to learn.

Paranauê Paraná

If you have only ever heard one capoeira song, it is this one. The most famous capoeira song around. Popularised in Only The Strong and “immortalised” in India by Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar and Anand-Milind.

A Hora É Essa

This extremely evocative call to capoeira is very popular among our students and trainers alike. And you can see why… the melody and rhythm combine so beautifully in this one.

Tim, Tim, Tim, Lá Vai Viola

Rounding off this introduction with this up-tempo song from Grande Mestre Suassuna that we guarantee will be an earworm for a while. And the only sure way to get relief from this earworm is to come to our classes and learn more music.