Learn Capoeira at Reset Gym, Bandra

A unique form of martial arts

Classes every Monday and Wednesday. 6 PM to 7 PM. Kids and adults both. And if you are a parent with kids, you get a family discount while working out together. We call it #happyfit.

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    What is capoeira?

    Learn more about Capoeira. Website ↗
    • “Capoeira is quite a unique martial art. It has dance, music, acrobatics. Dhruv and Soham used to be very shy but have now become very confident.”
      Samar & Vyoma Chauhan
    • “Savya was asked to join Capoeira by his teachers so he could get physically fit. The advice, turned out to be the best change in his life.”
      Kajri Seth
    • Capoeira is really fun to do and you learn new things in every class.
      Playing capoeira for 3 years
    • I've learnt to escape so if someone's trying to mug me I know how to save myself.
      Playing capoeira for 2 years
    • It makes you much more aware of your surroundings, you become stronger and more flexible.
      Rupsha Mitra
      Playing capoeira for 5 years
    • Capoeira is more fun than the sports I play in school. It will make me as fearless as Wonder Woman and as flexible as Black Widow.
      Aaria, 9
      Playing capoeira for 5 years