So what really is capoeira then? Is it a sport? YES! Is it a martial art form? YES! Is it dance? YES! Is it performance art? YES! Is it acrobatics? YES! Is it music? YES! Capoeira is all of this. And much, much more.

A capoeira class is not just about learning a physical movement form. In capoeira, you learn Portuguese songs which you sing while playing capoeira. You learn to play musical instruments which accompany every capoeira game. You learn many dance forms including Maculelê, a war dance from Africa, the Afro, Guerreira, Puxada and everybody’s favourite dance, the Samba.

And you will learn about the history and culture and traditions of capoeira through the songs. And you will learn Brazilian Portuguese, enough to understand the music and possibly communicate when you go visiting Brazil, the ultimate pilgrimage for any capoeirista worth their salt.

And here are a few phrases that will help you get into the rhythm of class faster. Até mais.