Meet the team behind the magic.

Team CDO

Together with Baba, these young capoeiristas of the CDO India family are taking the flame of capoeira to all parts of the country.

Choco Malad Centre

Having seen his uncle, Reza Baba Massah train capoeira for 6 years in Israel, Mohsin Choco Massah decided to try study under him when they returned to India. After many years of personal struggle, Choco finally started shining like the star he was meant to be. A naturally gifted athlete, Choco sports one of the best physiques among CDO India students. A huge football enthusiast, Choco is a relaxed guy with a great sense of humour.

Cabeca Dadar Centre

A stand up comedian, voice over artist, businessman, life coach and now capoeira teacher! Training with Baba since 2006, Parikshit Cabeca Sadh is one of the first students to receive the 'Monitor' cord. He has a passion for singing in the roda and loves the music of Mestre Acordeon. An extremely technical capoeirista, his knowledge of capoeira, its history and philosophy is encyclopaedic.

Capitao Oshiwara Centre

Joy Capitao Karkera is every teacher's dream student. Flexible as a rubber band, fast as a gazelle and as graceful as a ballet dancer, Capitao is the perfect embodiment of a true capoeirista. The first capoeirista in India to skip a green/yellow belt and jump straight to a yellow belt, Capitao is simply a joy to watch whether he is playing or teaching. He is easily the most stylish capoeirista in India.

Cavalho Andheri East Centre

At 20 years of age, Moses Cavalho Bothello is the youngest CDO India instructor. Capoeira found him when he was just 17 years old and he has stayed true. So much does he love the sport, he even made his brother join class. Smiling and innocent outside, a beast inside the roda, Cavalho is strong as a horse! An extremely affable personality, he gels with kids and adults effortlessly.

Mel School Programs

Amrita Mel Deliwala discovered capoeira in 2006 when she accompanied her friend who wanted to sign up for a class. She fell in love with the art and the rest as they say is history. India's first female capoeira instructor, she personifies beauty, grace and skill in everything she does. Don't let her gentle demeanour fool you - she is an absolute terror in the roda!

Queda De Rins Jaipur Centre

About Nitin Queda De Rins Sharma/
I was following this martial art for a very long time but was not able to take time out of business to go learn abroad. Then I found Professor Reza BABA Massah, in Mumbai and The Center for Capoeira India institute. I couldn’t resist, had to go through a lot to keep the work - capoeira balance. I am not gonna lie to you that it was easy and fun... it was really challenging to focus, but it was one of the most amazing and thrilling experiences of my life. And then it struck me and I realized this is the only thing that I want to do now. One day just like that I packed my bags started my car, and drove to Mumbai. Under the guidance of Professor BABA, I trained really hard over a period of time and now I am back in Jaipur with my own Academy of Centre For Capoeira India, Jaipur.



Capoeira Cordao de Ouro
[Centre for Capoeira, India]
T +91 86527 26738

Arman Verma

Thanks to Capoeira, I could do all my moves in Ra One.


I've spent all morning trying to make a berimbau for my kids. Just thought you should know the impact of capoeira on my household.

Karina Varma

My 5 year old was bitten by the capoeira bug a year ago when Baba conducted a workshop at her school. She adores Capitao - her teacher and wants to be a capoeirista just like him when she grows up.

Amole Gupte

The children are devoted to Baba. My son never misses a session and there is no doubt why - it's definitely the joy of learning from their teacher.

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