In the last few years, Capoeira has taken the world by storm. All over the world it is an art form in demand, a most sought-after means of creative self-expression. Our group Cordao De Ouro has presence in 85 countries and has completed 50 years internationally.

In India, CDO was founded by Reza Baba Massah, who trained at CDO Israel and is a certified capoeira instructor. From 4 students in 2006, the Capoeira way of life, today, impacts more than a thousand lives.

Chef, restaurant owner, pilot, capoeirista – Reza Baba Massah wears many hats, His favourite though, is husband and father. In 2005 he left Israel and returned to start Cordao De Ouro, India’s first capoeira group. He is a man who eats, breathes and lives capoeira! His passion for capoeira has kept him going through life’s ups and downs.

With centres across Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur, managed by him and his students, as well as programs in eight international schools, he is single-handedly responsible for putting capoeira on the map of India. Though in his mid ’40s, Professor Baba is leaner, fitter, faster and stronger than most 20 year-olds.